Sold fully assembled

Spring loaded arms assist with the lifting motion of the lids, thick aluminum diamond plate floor

holds contents above ground. 

Durable powder coat finish

Embossed fleur de lis detail 

Complimentary recycle logos

Brackets reinforce corner


Adjustable levelers have a

range of 3 inches

Exterior latch keeps front

doors close at all times 

Optional locks are available, two required per bin, one for each top lid. By locking the

top lids, the front doors can not be opened.


The lock functions as a slam lock. To operate, use the key to unlock and remove it. When the lid closes the lock engages automatically. The lock can not stay unlocked.


Locks are keyed alike, two keys per lock provided. Keys can be duplicated.


Locks require periodic oiling to keep keys from sticking. To avoid freezing during the winter months, use de-icing fluid.


Flip up lock covers are provided to keep moisture and dirt away from key holes.


The lock can be disabled if desired by turning lock strike on its side.   

One size: 54 W x 28 D x 40 H

made of non rusting aluminum with PVC wall panels

Self contained

Minimum maintenance


Holds two 32 gallons size round receptacles

( not included )

Movable for access to clean around and under bin

Non rusting materials and hardware used

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