54" W x 28" D x 40" H ( front 33" H )

29" from top of floor to door frame

Aluminum extrussion and sheet

UV treated black perforated PVC 

1/8" thick aluminum diamond plate

Stainless steel

Satin black powder coat

115 lbs net

Not to exceed 100 lbs

Overall size:

Door Clearance:


Wall Panel:

Floor Plate:




Load Capacity:

Front doors require 25" to swing open.


Side by side grouping requires 108" clearance.


The spring loaded mechanism acts a counter balance to assist the user with the lifting motion, it is not a self closing devise or damper. To avoid potential injury, always grab handle securely when openning and closing the lid. Do not release and allow the lid to free fall as this may damage the lid or cause injury.

The MetroBox Company reserves the right to assess the nature of the defects within the warranty period and determine the best course of action to remedy the defects. This warranty excludes surface scratches caused by normal wear and tear and slight color fading due to exposure to the elements over time.

The free standing bin is delivered fully assembled, the only installation required is the adjustment of the leveling feet to conform to the ground surface where it is placed.


To prevent damage to the lid, place the bin away from any structure behind such as a wall, fence, etc. Allow room for the lid to open fully, do not remove retaining chain.


Level the bin by adjusting the feet in order for doors to open freely. If a door scrapes the upper horizontal bar, raise the OPPOSITE foot to level the door.


The bin requires minimum care, only regular dusting when needed. The metal components are made of non rusting aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

The spring assembly assists with the lifting motion of the top lid. DO NOT release and allow the lid to free fall to avoid damage or injury.


Top lids stay open pass 90 degrees to allow removal of garbage bags from receptacles. To avoid damage to the lids, be sure the restraining chain is always in place and allow proper clearance behind the bin to prevent damage or scratches to the lid when is fully opened.

please read important information 

The Metrobox warranty is extended solely to the original purchaser and is non transferrable. The term of the warranty is three years from date of purchase against defects in material, parts and workmanship under normal use within the specified limitation and capacity. The warranty does not cover theft and shall not apply to defects caused by vandalism, negligence, accident, tampering, improper use, modification or any causes unrelated to defective material and workmanship.


Specification subjet to change without notice.

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