New 1

fully accessible and easy to operate

customized appearance

distinctive style

two side by side metroboxes require 9 ft

The metrobox

Price:  $1,250 

Spring loaded arms assist with the lifting motion of the lids, thick aluminum diamond plate floor holds contents above ground. 

Durable powder coat finish

Reinforced corner connections, 3 inch adjustable levelers, latch secures front doors and complimentary rubber recycle logos

Optional keyed locks for top lids available

for managing access. Locks are keyed

alike, two standard size keys per lock. The lock can not stay unlocked, read lock function in the specification icon. 


Locks require periodic oiling to keep keys from sticking. Use de-icing fluid to avoid freezing during winter months.

One size: 54 W x 28 D x 40 H

made of non rusting aluminum with PVC wall panels

Holds two 32 gallons size round receptacles

( not included )

Movable for access to clean around and under bin

Non rusting materials and hardware 

printable doc

Fitted with gas springs for

easy lifting of top lid, not a soft close mechanism

Effective Aug 1 New price: $1,300

Effective June 1, delivery: $75 each


Optional locks:  $25 ea 

Local NYC truck delivery: $50 ea *

* Tolls and surcharges may apply

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